It's a New Day in America. For that, there's PostDay®.

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Let’s take a look at how it works.

Emergency Contraception that temporarily delays ovulation

PostDay One-Step® temporarily delays the release of an egg from the ovary. Without the egg to meet the sperm, there is no fertilization and no pregnancy..

Emergency Contraception that will not effect your future plans to get pregnant

Taking PostDay One-Step® after unprotected sex now, does not hurt the ability to get pregnant in the future.

NO Rx or ID is required for purchase

There is no age requirement, no ID and no prescription needed to purchase PostDay One-Step®. Available in family planning/ pregnany prevention isle.

PostDay One-Step® is not an abortion pill and will not harn an existing pregnancy.

Contraception (birth control) is the method, device or medicine used for pregnancy prevention before it starts. No method of birth control is concidered 100% effective, though some work better than others. Using a more effective method will lower the chances of getting pregnant.

To prevent pregnancy, primary methods of birth control are meant to be used before sex, such as condoms, birth control pills or IUD’s (birth control pills and IUD’s are available through a doctor’s prescription).

Emergency contraception is a method of birth control meant to be used if the primary method fails. PostDay One-Step® is meant to be used within 72-hours after unprotected sex or if the primary method fails. The sooner you use PostDay One-Step®, the better it will work and is not intended for use as a regular form of birth control.

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postday and u

Click here for information about our on-site Campus & University educational program on legal contraception options..

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